Tory leader addresses MP who yelled 'It's not a right!' about abortion in House of Commons

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he's spoken to a Manitoba MP who yelled ``It's not a right!'' in the House of Commons on Wednesday when the issue of abortion came up.

But Scheer is not confirming what he said during his conversation with Ted Falk, who made the controversial comment after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised his government would always defend the right of women to have an abortion.

Scheer has said he's personally against abortion, but told reporters in Quebec yesterday that he respects the courts' decisions on the matter.

Meanwhile, several Quebec Conservative MPs are also speaking out against Falk as Scheer visits the province to shore up support for his party.

Valerie Assouline, a member of the party's national executive in Quebec, says Falk's comment doesn't reflect the party and the ideologies of its members.

Anne DeBlois, a party member from the Quebec City area, says she's worried the fallout could have an impact on the party's image in Quebec.