Tory leader questions Premier over use of tax-payers' money

New Brunswick's Premier is under fire for how his office is spending tax-payer's money.

With nearly $4 million earmarked for corporate communications this year,  Tory Leader Blaine Higgs said during this week's question period that its' the most taxpayer dollars ever spent on government advertising and communications.

But Premier Brian Gallant fired back, saying the Communications NB had budgeted $5.2 million in the final year of the former Alward government's mandate and that the Liberal's communication budget includes $3.7 million for salaries and benefits with the remainder for phone bills and travel.

Higgs also questioned Gallant on the turnover rate of the Premier's Office with Gallant replying that he was "disappointed" by what he called a "very political" line of questioning.


(with files from the Telegraph-Journal)