Tory MP Tony Clement issues statement after being forced out of party

Longtime Conservative MP Tony Clement will be looking at the Tory benches from a different part of the chamber if he sits in the Commons today.

Yesterday he was forced out of his party, the day after he admitted to sending someone sexually explicit images and a video.

He said in a statement issued Tuesday that he'd sent the images in the last three weeks to someone he believed to be a ``consenting female,'' but who later demanded money if Clement didn't want them posted publicly.

Initially Clement resigned only as the party's justice critic and from his committee roles.

But after the story broke, allegations washed over social media, largely from young women, that Clement's online behaviour was not so pure.

He's long been known to be a prolific user of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Several people online yesterday said that Clement had used Instagram in particular to connect with numerous young women and message them privately.

Clement is married to Toronto lawyer and author Lynne Golding and has three grown children.

Golding issued a written statement, saying, ``I am hopeful that in time we will resume the happy life we shared with our family and friends.''