Tracadie's mayor sounds alarm over municipal finances

Tracadie's mayor is sounding the alarm over the municipality's finances.

Mayor Denis Losier says the town has to be vigilant with its finances if it doesn't want to go bankrupt.

In January 2019 Tracadie will begin paying down a $439,000 deficit from 2017, faces salary increases for municipal employees and an increase in fees paid to the RCMP and Acadian Peninsula Regional Service Commission, which could result in a bill as high as $400,000.

Meanwhile, Losier says Tracadie's sewer system is in rough shape, major repairs to its sidewalks and arena are required, along with the need for new snow removal equipment.

But, although he worries about where the money will come from, Losier says he'll oppose a tax increase as long as the finances can be sorted out, noting several residents live on limited income.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)