Trial continues for RCMP on labour code violations in N.B. shooting rampage

Court is expected to hear more today about alleged labour code failings by the RCMP in relation to the 2014 shooting rampage that left three Mounties dead in Moncton, N.B.

Crown attorney Paul Adams said Monday that the vast majority of the officers who responded to the active-shooter call on June 4 lacked full training and requalification in firearms.

In his opening comments, Adams said at least some of the fatalities would have been avoided had the force complied with labour laws.

The RCMP is being tried for alleged Labour Code violations stemming from its response to the Justin Bourque shootings, which also wounded two other officers.

Bourque used a semi-automatic rifle to target police officers in Moncton's northwest end.

The charges allege the RCMP failed to provide members and supervisors with the appropriate information, instruction and training in an active shooter event, and didn't give members the appropriate equipment.