Truck driver in Humboldt Broncos bus crash to be sentenced Friday

The judge deciding the fate of a truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos crash is a former Crown prosecutor who played on a boys hockey team while she was growing up in rural Saskatchewan.

Provincial court Judge Inez Cardinal is to hand down a sentence Friday for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu .
The Calgary truck driver blew through a stop sign and into the path of the junior hockey team's bus last April.

Sixteen people died and 13 others were injured.

During an emotional sentencing hearing in January, Cardinal sat in a makeshift courtroom in Melfort listening to relatives of the victims.

Lawyers argued that Sidhu, who pleaded guilty to 29 counts of dangerous driving, should be sentenced anywhere from one-and-a-half years in jail to 10 years in prison.

Those who worked with Cardinal before her time on the bench say she was a passionate Crown prosecutor.

Before choosing a career in law she worked as a conservation officer.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation says Cardinal was instrumental in increasing the fines and penalties for environmental crimes.