Trudeau affirms China trade aspirations after USMCA's 'non-market' requirement

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is committed to pursuing deeper trade ties with China following the new agreement with the United States and Mexico.

Trudeau says China is a significant global player and remains a key market in the government's plan to diversify trading relations beyond North America.

The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement requires a member country to provide notice and information to the other two partners if it plans free trade talks with a ``non-market'' economy, language widely seen as referring to China.

A clause in the new agreement, which still needs formal approval in all three countries, also gives the other partners a say in the text of such a deal.

It also allows any of the countries to withdraw from the USMCA on six-month's notice if one of the partners enters into a free trade agreement with a non-market economy.

Canada's efforts to formally start free trade talks with China stalled late last year and there are no planned talks on the horizon.