Trudeau calls for collaboration going into contentious first ministers' meeting

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling for collaboration as he prepares to sit down for what could be the most contentious first ministers' meeting he has faced since taking power.

Trudeau says he and his provincial and territorial counterparts need to work together to create jobs and opportunities.

But the meeting today in Montreal could be over before it begins.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has threatened to walk away if the meeting does not include discussions on the federal carbon tax.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she, too, wants the agenda changed to allow more time for discussions about the oil-price crisis that is crippling her province.

But she says she won't walk out, adding that the leaders need to have a ``mature'' discussion about real problems facing Canadians.

Notley says forecasts for Canada's economic growth are already more muted because of the low price Alberta is getting for its oil in the U-S and its inability to move its product overseas.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he also has no intention of walking out, but wants the agenda to better reflect provincial concerns.