Trudeau considers allowing donations for fertility treatments

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is mulling over the idea of whether to allow women and men to be paid to donate eggs or sperm for fertility treatments.

He believes it is an important issue that needs to be studied.

Last month, Liberal MP Anthony Housefather announced plans to introduce a private member's bill to amend the Assisted Human Reproduction Act which was passed in 2004.

That law allows for sperm and eggs to be donated and surrogate mothers to carry someone else's baby, but it imposes a strict ban on paying for these services beyond covering out of pocket expenses.

Housefather says he's ``delighted'' to hear the prime minister invite public conversation on the issue.

He says gay couples and infertile heterosexuals should not have to live in fear of possible prison time when trying to grow their families.

He says Canadians are going to the U-S to do egg donation and surrogacy because of the fear of the criminal law in Canada.