Trudeau government accused of being too soft on nuclear disarmament

The North Korean nuclear crisis is exposing Justin Trudeau's Liberal government to international criticism that it is too soft on nuclear disarmament, and too close to the sabre-rattling Trump administration.

International anti-nuclear activists call this an ominous development that could effect Canada's bid to win a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2019.

Trudeau called on the Security Council to take ``decisive action'' against North Korea following Sunday's report of a nuclear detonation by Pyongyang.

However, Canada has not supported a broader effort by the full U-N General Assembly to create a treaty that would outlaw nuclear weapons, a document supported by more than 120 countries.

But the treaty has no support among countries that actually have nuclear weapons, including the United States, and their military allies, including NATO and Canada.

Douglas Roche, a former Canadian senator and disarmament ambassador, says Canada's highest foreign policy goal should be to sign the treaty and push for NATO to rid itself of nuclear weapons.