Trudeau's feminist agenda has led to change, but more funding needed: Oxfam

Oxfam Canada says the Trudeau government has enacted genuinely feminist policies, but it needs to back them up with more money if it wants to make a lasting difference.

The charity has released its 2019 feminist scorecard ahead of International Women's Day on Friday.

The scorecard assesses steps the government took between March 2018 and February 2019 to make meaningful progress toward gender equity.

It says that overall the Trudeau government is making good progress in advancing its feminist agenda.

It points to the government's pay-equity and gender-budgeting legislation, its introduction of the first-ever Poverty Reduction Act, the creation of the Department of Women and Gender Equality and the doubling of funding for Canadian women's movements.

However, the report also says that more federal investments are needed for child care and to reduce gender-based violence.

Meanwhile, another report being released today, this one by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, says gender equity disparities continue to exist in major cities across the country.