Trudeau says U.S. state abortion bans are 'backsliding on women's rights'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is deeply disappointed in a ``backsliding on women's rights'' happening in American states moving to ban abortion access.

Alabama's legislature passed a law banning virtually all abortions in the state, as other southern and midwestern states make similar moves.

Trudeau told reporters in France today he regrets these U.S. developments.

He re-affirmed his own pro-choice stance and said Canada would remain unequivocal in its defence of a woman's right to end a pregnancy.

He also called out Conservative politicians for supporting anti-abortion initiatives, something Gender Equality Minister Maryam Monsef is also doing today.

She has sent a letter to 12 Conservative MPs chastising them for marching in an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill last week, which she says shows their willingness to re-open the abortion debate in Canada.