Trudeau spared from testifying on controversial visit to Bahamas

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been spared from testifying before a parliamentary committee over his controversial Bahamas vacation.

Liberals on the House of Commons ethics committee say he can answer questions about the getaway during his cross-country town hall tour, which began last night in a Halifax suburb and continues today in Hamilton.

Opposition MP's on the committee hoped the Liberal majority would compel Trudeau to appear and address his dealings with the Aga Khan, in particular his family's December 2016 visit to the billionaire spiritual leader's Bahamian island.

But the vote fell along party lines, with Liberals voting unanimously to reject the Conservative motion hours after Trudeau dismissed the idea of him testifying as little more than an opposition bid to score political points.

Yesterday's meeting was a prelude of sorts to today's main event when the committee hears from Mary Dawson, the former ethics commissioner who called Trudeau on the carpet over the trip.

Dawson's report, released just before Christmas, found Trudeau violated four provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act.