Trudeau talks NAFTA in Chicago

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the second day of a three-city U-S tour that began yesterday in Chicago.

During an appearance at the University of Chicago, Trudeau said U-S President Donald Trump's threat to tear up NAFTA would cause economic suffering in the United States and also be terrible politics.

He said millions of American workers would be harmed, and their lives disrupted in the short-term through a thickening of the border and greater uncertainty.

Trudeau added that ending free trade between Canada and the United States would not just hurt the wealthy, but also harm future opportunities for the U-S middle class.

Trudeau was also clear that Canada wouldn't be bullied into signing just any deal.

The prime minister will be in San Francisco today to hold face-to-face meetings with the heads of Amazon and eBay.

Trudeau will them head to Los Angeles to deliver a speech on Friday about the merits of free trade to local, state and congressional officials at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Institute.