Trudeau turns attention to Mexico in midst of tensions over NAFTA

The leaders of Canada and Mexico say they're not walking away from NAFTA talks.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto both say they remain committed to renegotiating the trade deal.

The two leaders make the comment at a joint news conference Thursday night following lengthy bilateral talks in Mexico City.

Their comments come after the US introduced a proposal this week for a sunset clause, which would end NAFTA after five years unless the three countries agreed to renew it.

Some observers have suggested such a clause would be a ``poison pill'' that could kill the talks.

But Pena Nieto says whatever gets discussed about the impact of ongoing negotiations outside the actual negotiating room is just speculation.

And for his part, Trudeau says Canada won't walk away from the talks based on proposals, but instead will talk about them.