U.S. left out of Canada-hosted meeting aimed at saving international trading system

Canada's new trade minister says the US has not been invited to an upcoming meeting aimed at saving the international trading system because it doesn't share the views of the 13 invited countries.

Newly appointed International Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr says Canada will host ministers from 13 ``like-minded'' countries at a two-day discussion in Ottawa later this month.

It's aimed at brainstorming ways to reform the World Trade Organization.

Carr says the group he's convened ultimately wants to persuade Washington of the continued usefulness of the WTO.

He says for now, the best way forward is without the US in the room.

The WTO is one of a long list of international organizations and agreements derided by President Donald Trump and his administration.

Trump's top economic adviser has at times branded the organization as ineffective and simply ``broken.''