UNB 3-D printing research could revolutionize manufacturing, says supervisor

Researchers are hoping to set up what they call ``factories of the future'' in New Brunswick to test the applications of 3-D-printing powered by thought.

Mechanical engineer Ed Cyr is studying the role artificial intelligence could play in the evolution of 3-D-printed materials at the University of New Brunswick.

Cyr plans to spend his U-N-B fellowship, valued at 50-thousand dollars, investigating the special properties of 3-D-printed materials.

The fellowship was awarded in Fredericton as part of a more than million-dollar investment from the McCain Foundation.

Cyr says machine learning could lead to 3-D-printing technologies capable of designing and object and then building it.

His supervisor, Mohsen Mohammadi, says this kind of research could revolutionize manufacturing.

Mohammadi says the plan is to test Cyr's research in pilot factories of the future in New Brunswick.

He says these technologies are coming sooner than one may expect, and the province needs to prepare itself for the age of augmentation.