Union 'very concerned' after nurse allegedly gave women drug to induce labour

The New Brunswick Nurses Union says allegations that a nurse inappropriately administered a labour-inducing drug to pregnant women are concerning, but it is obliged to offer legal assistance in respect to her firing.

Paula Doucet, president of the New Brunswick Nurses Union, said they were told last week one of their members was fired after allegations that a nurse at the Moncton Hospital had given two women oxytocin.

She said in a release that any time there are allegations of potential harm to patients or compromise to patient safety, they are "very concerned and empathetic for all those involved _ the patients, the families and the staff."

Doucet says under the language of the collective agreement, the union must assist any member who is fired and requests legal representation before the Nurses Association of New Brunswick.

However, she said the union wouldn't represent the nurse in a criminal matter, which is possible if an ongoing RCMP investigation leads to charges in the case.

Dr. Ken Gillespie, chief of staff at the Moncton Hospital, has said the pregnant women who received oxytocin required emergency intervention after receiving the drug.