Unique program aimed at fostering entrepreneurship in Chaleur region launches in Bathurst

There's a new program aimed at helping entrepreneurs and encouraging entrepreneurship in the Chaleur region.

StartUp Chaleur launched Tuesday in Bathurst and is the only regional initiative of its kind under StartUp Canada in the country.

President Denis Roy says the program aims to create a favourable, supporting, and nurturing environment for entrepreneurship in the Chaleur region by holding events like entrepreneurial bootcamps and information sessions, as well as connecting business hopefuls with mentors.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie says there's no singe solution for redefining the local economy and expects StartUp Chaleur to bring growth and sustainability.

Fongemie notes that twenty local startups with five employees each are more sustainable than one single employer with one hundred employees.

He says an 'aging population', such as that of the Chaleur region, is considered by some to be a negative thing, but adds retired individuals can be paired with aspiring entrepreneurs under the new program as mentors.

Greater Bathurst Chamber of Commerce president Bob Lennon meanwhile, says the program will provide support for new businesses to grow as well as a support system for existing businesses.