**Updated** New Brunswick Green party leader to meet with Liberal, Tory leaders

**Updated at 10:26 a.m.**

A game of political tug of war is set to begin this week in New Brunswick, as both the province's main parties vie for the support of the Greens in the wake of an election that produced a deadlocked result.

The Progressive Conservatives, led by Blaine Higgs, nabbed 22 seats in the legislature to the Liberals' 21, but Liberal Premier Brian Gallant will remain in power as both leaders try to gain support from the third parties.

The right-of-centre People's Alliance and the Green party scooped up three seats apiece on Sept. 24.

The People's Alliance has already said it would help prop up a minority Tory government for up to 18 months, even though a formal deal or coalition has not been struck, but the Greens have not yet made any commitments, official or otherwise.

In an email to The Canadian Press on Sunday, Green Leader David Coon said he has not yet met with either Gallant or Higgs.

In response to a question about when talks between the parties would begin, he wrote: "To describe them as talks at this point makes them sound grander than is the case."