Vitalite Health Network launches smoking cessation program for people with no insurance coverage

The Vitalite Health Network has launched a new program aimed at helping people without insurance coverage to quit smoking.

President and CEO Gilles Lanteigne says the network has shelled out approximately $30,000 to purchase nicotine patches, gums, and lozenges to distribute to patients without coverage.

Nurse practitioners in the network's four zones will refer interested individuals to a smoking cessation councillor in their area for follow-up and consultation.

The network hopes to have at least 80 people take part and says research will be conducted to determine whether patients have better success with a structured program with health professionals.

The deadline to register for the program is June 15th.

Those wishing to be a part of the project can call their nearest Smoking Cessation Clinic to schedule an appointment: 

Lameque: 506-344-3538
Grand Falls: 506-473-7686
Cocagne / Dieppe: 506-869-2446
Dalhousie: 506-684-7727