Walmart says third-party bathing suit ad 'for fat girls' was a translation error

Walmart Canada is apologizing for a recently-removed advertisement promoting an item with the term ``fat women swimsuit'' in the title.

The third-party ad for a modest, plus-sized floral print bathing suit described the product as the ``best choice for fat girls to spend hot summer.''

In an emailed statement, Walmart spokeswoman Diane Medeiros says the description was caused by a translation error on the part of the third-party seller, and the words ``do not represent Walmart's values.''

Saint John, N.B.-based stylist Amanda Hanson first saw the ad on Friday morning when some of the women she works with brought it to her attention.

Hanson, who says she's an avid promoter of body positivity and acceptance, says she was troubled by the seller's use of a word that is commonly used to insult overweight women.

While she understands it's an issue on the part of the third-party seller, she says the error raises questions about how the retail giant monitors the third-party sellers on its website.