Weather warnings ended, power outages ongoing

All but one weather warning has ended for New Brunswick, but the power is out in areas across the province.

A wind warning remains in place for the Acadian Peninsula, with winds there expected to reach speeds of 90 km/h this morning.

New Brunswick Power is reporting more than 90,000 residents are currently without power after heavy rain and winds battered the province.

On its website, the energy company is advising people to stay away at least ten meters away from downed trees and power lines as they could be energized and any contact with them could prove fatal.

They say to call 911 only if you see a fire or an immediate life threatening emergency.

Some tips they provide for what to do to your home during an outage include:
-- Turning off all your lights, except for one inside and one outside, so that crews outside know power has been restored
-- When power is restored, use it sparingly during the first few hours to prevent system overload, which can cause future outages
-- If you have a standby heating unit, ensure it is properly vented and turn it on before the house gets too cold
-- Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible, as the contents should keep for 24 to 48 hours

You can view a map of outages across New Brunswick here.