Weight restrictions on certain city roads come into effect later this month

The city of Bathurst is imposing its annual spring weight restrictions in an effort to minimize damage to streets  resulting from the annual frost and thaw cycle.

Weight restrictions for certain city roads come into effect on March 12th until further notice.

Cetain roads, passenger busses, and vehicles in the city's fleet are exempt from the restrictions.

2017 Weight Restrictions:

1. On all streets in the City of Bathurst except those exempted in Item 2, vehicles may operate with each axle
weight not exceeding eighty percent (80%) of the maximum axle weight for which the particular vehicle may
be operated in the Province of New Brunswick provided that each axle weight does not exceed that upon
which the registered weight is based.

2. The following streets are exempt from these restrictions and are subject to the conditions below:
a) No spring weight restrictions:

  • All streets located within the Bathurst Industrial Park;
  • Route 134 – Miramichi Avenue from the junction of Route 11 to Bridge Street;
  • Route 134 – Bridge Street, from Miramichi Avenue to Murray Avenue;
  • Route 134 – Murray Avenue from Bridge Street to Main Street;
  • Route 134 – Main Street to St. Peter Avenue via Harbourview Blvd. North;
  • Route 134 – St. Peter Avenue to Main/King, via Harbourview South to Murray Avenue;
  • St. Peter Avenue to City limits, Beresford;
  • Route 180 – Vanier Boulevard from St. Peter Avenue to Route 11;
  • Route 430 – King Avenue from the junction of Route 11 to Dumaresq Street, and Dumaresq Street from King
  • Avenue to Murray Avenue;
  • St. Anne Street – Route 11 to Evangeline Street;
  • Route 315 – Sunset Drive from Vanier Boulevard to Brown’s Bridge;
  • Route 315 - Sunset from Civic address 2000 to city limits;
  • Carron Drive – from Bridge Street to Sutherland Avenue.

In summary, the truck route thru the city is now 100% of axle weight, without any tolerances over such

b) Restricted to 90% of maximum licensed axel weight 1

  • Cape Road – Bridge Street from City Limits to Miramichi Avenue

3. Passenger buses and City of Bathurst vehicles be exempt from the above restrictions.