Women may be under-represented in medical marijuana industry, data suggests

Women may be under-represented in the boardrooms of corporate Canada, but the disparity even is larger in the medical marijuana business.

Analysis of data conducted by The Canadian Press shows that only five per cent of the board seats at publicly traded marijuana producers are currently occupied by women.

That's compared to the 12 per cent of women on board seats at country's TSX-listed companies.

Some blame the gender gap on the fact that many directors and executives in the marijuana business come from traditionally male-dominated industries such as venture capital, investment banking and mining.

Irie Selkirk, medical outreach and education lead for Emblem Cannabis, says the lack of women is disappointing since they are often at the front lines of patient care and have played a prominent role in advocating for the drug's legitimacy.

Selkirk cites activist Jodie Emery, B-C Compassion Club Society founder Hilary Black and patient advocate Tracy Curley as some of the women who have been at the forefront of the movement to legitimize medical marijuana.