Workers at Brunswick Smelter in Belldune vote in favour of strike for a second time

Unionized workers at the Brunswick Smelter in Belledune have, once again, voted overwhelmingly in favour of striking.

The workers already voted in favour of job action earlier this month, however union's Bart Dempsey says Glencore, the company that owns the smelter, challenged the the first vote because of what he calls 'certain technicalities'.

Dempsey says the results have been sent to the New Brunswick labour and Employment Board and that the union is waiting to hear from the mediator to determine its next course of action.

The workers have been without a contract since February and the union has been trying to reach a new deal for months.

Dempsey says Glencore is demanding concessions from workers on several key issues including pensions, benefits, and the union's ability to represent them.