WorkSafeNB weighs in on upcoming legalization of cannabis

With less than 2 weeks before the legalization of recreational cannabis, workplaces across Canada are still determining their policies.

Some issues will become clear only after Oct. 17th.

If you're impaired, Worksafe NB says it doesn't matter how you got there, you shouldn't be at work.

Worksafe NB is trying to get employers to develop policies about being impaired at work, adding that the legalization of recreational marijuana has been a good opportunity to drive the point home.

Richard E. Blais of Worksafe NB tells CTV News the legalization of cannabis may require some adjustments, but from our perspective they would be minor.

It’s a topic that is on the agenda at a Worksafe NB health and safety conference, beginning today in Fredericton.

Worksafe NB says employers need to make a clear distinction between how they treat recreational marijuana and marijuana with a medical prescription.

Blais says it would be an obligation on behalf of employees to disclose that to employers because having to consume marijuana for medical purpose may impair the person and if they're at work, may endanger themselves and others.

No amendment has been made to occupational health and safety legislation in New Brunswick.

(with files from CTV)