5 Singapore Summit Songs

Tuesday’s historic summit between U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un came 36 years to the day after a rally for nuclear disarmament in New York City that featured artists like Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor.

Among the songs performed that day in Central Park were “I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine” by Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. 

Canadian Robert Mienard, who drove to the rally from Quebec City, was quoted by The New York Times as saying world leaders “have to stop nuclear armament — every kind of armament.”

The world got one step closer to disarmament on the anniversary of the rally after Trump met with Kim in Singapore.

To mark the summit – and the hope for nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula – we’ve chosen a handful of songs the two leaders might now have on their playlists. And no, there's nothing by Lil' Kim.

"Endless Love" - Luther Vandross ft. Mariah Carey

Our source at the Singapore summit (fake news! - ed.) reported that Trump and Kim both sang this tune inside their heads after comparing the size of their nuclear buttons. The only question is, will their love survive the test of time, and Trump's tweets?

“Rocket Man” - Elton John

They may be BFFs now, but let’s not forget it wasn’t too long ago when Trump referred to Kim as “Rocket Man.” Perhaps during their meeting, the two shared a good laugh about it. “You know, I do kind of look like Elton John,” Kim might have conceded. "And I have rockets."

"War" - Bruce Springsteen

The Boss covered this anti-Vietnam War anthem, which was first a hit for Edwin Starr in 1970, in 1986. We can only hope Trump quoted the lyrics in his discussion with Kim: "War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing." 

"The War Song" - Culture Club

In 1984, we got lectured about war by androgynous pop star Boy George. The message was simple: "War is stupid and people are stupid." It's one we know Trump can really get behind because if it wasn't for stupid people, he wouldn't be president. Watch Boy George lead a group of kids in skeleton costumes through war-torn streets (and, at the 2:33 mark, inexplicably pay tribute to Phyllis Diller).

"Gangnam Style" - Psy

Sure, this 2012 hit comes from a South Korean pop star – but you know Kim has danced to it at more than one house party or missile launch. We're going to assume the North Korean dictator showed off his moves at some point in the summit. Trump's reaction? "Winning!"