Aaron Carter Threatens To 'Destroy' Man Over 'Junkie' Comment

Pop singer Aaron Carter threatened to “destroy” and “smash” a man who referred to his late sister as a junkie in a tweet on Sunday.

The expletive-filled Twitter war began when Carter tweeted: “People who snore like overweight pigs shouldn’t be allowed to go to sleep on planes STFU!!!”

That sparked Doug Hilder (@Hilder22) of Indianapolis to reply: “It’s called sleep apnea and it is a disease that kills people. Like addiction did to your junkie sister #truth.”

He was referring to Aaron’s older sister Leslie Carter, a one-time Toronto resident who died of an overdose in 2012 at the age of 25.

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Aaron Carter fired back at Hilder. “WHAT THE F**K!!! Did you just say?? LiSten here you piece of maggot s**t I dare you to show your f**king face. YOU MOTHERF**KER!”

He also tweeted: “My sister was a beautiful soul she is in her resting place when she can’t fend for herself. So i f**king will.! I’m gonna smash this dude.”

Carter added: “I wanna f**king destroy this person” and “show your face I’m breaking your legs.”

Hilder’s Twitter account is currently set to private. Carter’s tweets were later deleted.

Carter, 29, has been touring in support of his new EP LØVË. Active on social media, the singer frequently responds to haters instead of ignoring their vitriolic tweets.

Read the latest nasty exchange below: