Aerosmith Planning 50th Anniversary Tour

Aerosmith is planning a 50th anniversary tour in 2019 and 2020, according to guitarist Joe Perry. 

Perry tells Atlantic City Weekly that the band's plan for the rest of this year is to "take it easy," but that doesn't mean Aerosmith isn't looking ahead to its future.

"We may do a couple more one-offs — maybe some festivals over the next six or eight moths," he said. "In 2019, we will be closing in on our 50th anniversary, so we are planning some dates and a tour to celebrate that. Right now we are pretty much laying low and finishing up some solo things before we start that."

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler spent much of last year touring on his We're All Somebody From Somewhere solo album. 

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In January, Perry released his latest solo album, Sweetzerland Manifesto. This month, he has a handful of solo concerts booked along with a band which includes Extreme frontman Gary Cherone and Perry's fellow Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford. 

This summer Perry will be touring Europe with Hollywood Vampires. The supergroup featuring Perry alongside Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp also plans to finish recording its second album this summer. 

Perry has also reiterated in multiple recent interviews that he and Tyler have discussed getting into the studio to work on a new Aerosmith album. Finding the time in their schedules to do that, however, has been challenging. 

"We've been so involved with other things," Perry told Best Classic Bands this past winter. "I know Steven's been doing his solo thing. We haven't gotten down to thing specifically, but I really would like to [record] some new music. It's kind of in that chill time for Aerosmith."

The band reportedly did some recording last year in London.

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio