Ariana Grande Gets Defensive With A Fan

Ariana Grande clapped back Sunday at someone who cheekily suggested that Scooter Braun – who manages both she and Justin Bieber – was responsible for his clients’ recent engagements.

Someone named Rene tweeted: “First Ariana get engaged to pete Davidson and now Justin bieber to hailey Baldwin the devil works hard but Scooter Braun works harder.”

In a since deleted response, Grande said: “You do realize we are human beings who love and have lives ……right …. ? and that scooter is a wonderful human being too who cares first n foremost ab our health and happiness ? love is lit. s**t happen. i hope to god it happens to you too. u deserve it.”

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Rene, clearly a fan, replied: “it was a joke I did not mean it seriously I'm very sad now and have a bad conscience why did you misunderstand that.”

Grande put an end to any drama by following Rene and reportedly sent her a DM that read: “love you baby.”