Azealia Banks Gets Banned From Facebook

Azealia Banks is already starting her 2017 off on a bad note. Facebook has banned her from its website. 

Back in May 2016, the rapper's Twitter account was suspended by the social media company. Now, FB is following suit and chucked the deuces to Banks, as well. Though we don't know the reason why this sudden ban occurred, we can all assume it's because of her consistent controversial posts.

As earlier as a few days ago, Banks called the people of Brazil "third world freaks." Almost immediately afterward, she received tons of backlash from Brazilians all over Facebook who condemned her for her ignorant words.

We wonder if Instagram will soon be the next social media site to dismiss Banks? Let's not forget -- even though we really want to -- about the IG live video of Banks cleaning a closet that she sacrificed chickens in. Thinking of the dead chickens' feathers on the closet's floor and the blood-stained walls still make us nauseous. Yuck!

Original article by Isha Thorpe at iHeartRadio