Billie Joe Armstrong Invites Disabled Fan To Play Guitar Onstage During Green Day Concert

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong invited a disabled fan to join the band onstage to play guitar at their concert in London on Feb. 8. It is a tradition for the band to invite an audience member to perform with them but this special occurrence stuck out to fans as a touching, heartfelt moment. 

During the group's performance of "Knowledge", Armstrong surveyed the crowd at the O2 Arena and spotted a young women named Rachel. She made her way to the stage with the help of her caretaker and sat on Tre Cool's drum riser to rock out with the band. After the performance, Armstrong gave Rachel the guitar as a gift, saying, “Rachel, you can keep the guitar. You can have the guitar.”

Watch the great moment by clicking the image below: 

Twitter / Ross Buchanan

Original article by Sam Valarose at iHeartRadio