Blake Shelton Offers Mourning High School Some Heartfelt Words

Blake Shelton offered a heartfelt message of support to a Warren, Massachusetts high school in mourning following the death of three of its teenage students in a car accident.

In a touching video, which also shows a tribute via photos of the three students, Shelton sends his condolences, explaining that the news hits close to home as the country star lost his then 24-year-old brother Richie in a car crash on November 13th, 1990 when the country star was only 14.

In the emotional video (which is currently unavailable to watch on the original Facebook post), Shelton said:

"Hey guys, this is Blake Shelton here. I’m out in the middle of the woods in Oklahoma. I was just made aware of the car accident and, man, it breaks my heart. I completely know how it feels. I lost my brother in a car accident. I can understand how you guys feel. It’s the worst possible feeling. It’s confusion, it’s anger, it’s just an overall brokenness. It’s just gonna take a lot of time to heal and if you can find comfort in anything, it’s just knowing that they’re all in a better place now, and God has a plan. And, I still miss my brother every day, and you’re gonna miss those guys every day. I just wanted to say I’m thinking of you and it gets easier, it just takes a long time. But, just always honour their memory and never forget about them. God bless you guys. I’m praying for you."

The three students involved in the fatal accident in Massachusetts are Lena Noonan (16), Christian Congelos (15), and Jaclyn Desrosiers (14). According to reports, the teens were driving near their school when their car struck a tree and rolled over.

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