Brad Paisley Dropped His Album ‘Love And War’ Overnight

Brad Paisley has released his 11th studio album, Love And War, overnight. It features unlikely collaborators Timbaland and Mick Jagger, among others.

Jagger appears on the track “Drive of Shame” and Timbaland makes an appearance on “Grey Goose Chase.”

“Tonight an album comes out that is my heart & soul on tape,” he posted on social media. “I’m so excited for you all to hear it, live with it, learn it, & make it yours.”

Paisley previously admitted he had no idea what direction the album would take, but Love And War certainly has something for everyone. And Paisley kept it country – it was all recorded in a farmhouse outside of Nashville.

The 44-year-old teamed up with country legend Bill Anderson for “Dying to See Her,” and John Fogerty for the title track, “Love And War.”

Listen to the full album on Spotify below: