Brad Paisley Shares Details About New Album ‘Love And War’

Brad Paisley has released the track list and release date for his forthcoming album, Love and War. It’s due out April 21 and will feature Mick Jagger, John Fogerty and Timbaland as guests.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bill Anderson and even Johnny Cash appear on the album. The late singer is credited as co-writer for “Gold All Over the Ground,” which just so happens to be the name of a poem Cash penned. It appears in his book Forever Words: The Unknown Poems.

Paisley has co-written each song on Love and War, working with song writers Brent Anderson, Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller, and Ashley Gorley on the album.

The biggest surprise is the two tracks “Grey Goose Chase” and “Solar Power Girl,” which he brought to life with producer Timbaland, the R&B maverick best known for ruling the mid-00s with his songs “Apologize” and “The Way I Are.”

Originally set to drop Mar. 3, the record was pushed back to April 21. The full track listing for Love and War is as follows:

1. “Heaven South”
2. “Last Time for Everything”
3. “One Beer Can”
4. “Go to Bed Early”
5. “Drive of Shame” (Featuring Mick Jagger)
6. “Contact High”
7. “Love and War” (Featuring John Fogerty)
8. “Today”
9. “selfie#theinternetisforever”
10. “Grey Goose Chase” (Featuring Timbaland)
11. “Gold All Over the Ground”
12. “Dying to See Her” (Featuring Bill Anderson)
13. “Solar Power Girl” (Featuring Timbaland)
14. “The Devil Is Alive and Well”
15. “Meaning Again”16. “Heaven South” (Reprise)