Brit Tabloid Outs Ed Sheeran As 'Ketchup Crazy'

Here’s a fun fact about Ed Sheeran you won’t want to keep bottled up.

The singer is… wait for it… “ketchup crazy.”

This is the not-so-startling revelation in UK tabloid The Sun, which reported Sunday that Sheeran “has ordered aides to carry an emergency bottle of the sauce at all times.”

The “Perfect” singer’s passion for the condiment is so strong that he has a tattoo honouring the fruit-based topping.

The Sun quoted an unnamed source as saying: “Ed’s made no secret of his Heinz Ketchup obsession and has run out of patience with going to places that don’t serve it while he’s touring.

“He’s made it a duty of key members of his entourage to carry a bottle wherever he goes so he can have it with everything from his morning sausage butty to upmarket dinners.” (A sausage butty is a sandwich popular in the UK.)

Sheeran evidently declared that if he was in charge, ketchup would be compulsory in all places that serve fries.

While we relish the fact that the singer has mustard the strength to embrace his condiment condition, the report leaves so many important questions unanswered. Does Sheeran tap the bottom of the bottle to get the ketchup out? Does he shake it vigorously? Or does he use a knife in the opening?

And more importantly, are any of his love songs actually about ketchup?