Brothers Osborne Explain Why They Won't 'Stay Out Of Politics'

Unlike many country acts, Brothers Osborne choose to be vocal with their views on issues facing America today – even if it means losing a few fans. 

"People say, 'Stay out of politics.' I think that is a really terrible thing to say because we should all be involved in politics even if we disagree with each other," TJ told CMT. "We should all be aware of what’s going on.”

John added: “It’s the artists that aren’t afraid to be honest that stick around and make an impact. It’s certainly our job in all genres to speak truth to power and to stick up for the people, even though you might lose fans. I think at the end of the day, it helps you sleep.” 

Brothers Osborne will drop their Port Saint Joe album on April 20, but fans needn't worry – they don't get political on these new tracks.

Original article by Zack Massey at iHeartRadio