Canada's Tory Lanez Recalls Near-Death Experience

Tory Lanez has opened up about a near-death experience this summer and how it influenced his music.

In a new interview, the Toronto rapper-singer detailed a scary incident in the air while aboard a private jet on his way to a music festival in New Jersey.

“Pretty much our autopilot disconnected at 39,000 feet, and we started falling through the air. In a matter of a minute and thirty seconds, we fell from 39,000 feet to 13,000 feet,” Lanez told Billboard. “But I think we had 36 or 37 seconds before we would have impacted if we didn't catch it back.”

(At the time of the June incident, Lanez posted a video on Instagram describing how “the plane almost crashed, like, five f**king times. S**t was going nose-diving down.”)

Lanez, 26, told Billboard the dramatic plunge made him more aware of his own mortality and what he wanted to do with his music.

“I started thinking: ‘If I was to go at any given time, what would I do? Did I give my fans enough music? Did I get to influence my peers? Did I get to be a part of the music that they were doing?’ No, I didn't get to do that,” he said.

“So it was just like I wanna do these things now. I wanna start. And being more collaborative and making more efforts to do things like that.”

Lanez – who dropped a new album, Love Me Now? at the end of October – said he has recorded several songs with Chris Brown that he hopes to release and he’d love to do some all-Canadian collaborations.

“If any Canadians and I got together and did joint albums, whether it’s Drake and Weeknd or it's Weeknd and Tory, or it's Tory, Drake and whatever, however it goes, I think that it'd be dope.

“It would be crazy.”