Canadian Activist Accuses Miley Cyrus Of Plagiarism


Miley Cyrus has been accused of ripping off three slogans by a Quebec feminist activist in her “Mother’s Daughter” video.

The provocative video, directed by Alexandre Moors, opens with “Every Woman Is A Riot” and goes on to flash “Sin Is In Your Eyes” and “L'herörisme de la chair” (“The Heroism Of The Flesh”).

Kseniya Chernyshova (who goes by Xenia) said she came up with and “Sin Is In Your Eyes” and “L'herorisme de la chair” for a 2013 protest outside the consulate of Tunisia in Montreal.

She also came up with “Every Woman Is A Riot” as a slogan for T-shirts sold online by Femen, an international group known for staging topless protests.

Chernyshova told Le Journal de Montréal she burst into tears when she saw the phrases used in Cyrus’ video and felt like the pop star “looted something I created.” The 33-year-old actress said her agent told her there was nothing she could do about the alleged plagiarism.

“Here is a $200 million megastar who transplanted my ideas to make money,” Chernyshova complained.

Last month, U.S. feminist cake artist Becca Rea-Holloway called out Cyrus for posting a picture on Instagram showing the singer licking a cake with the words “Abortion Is Healthcare” written in icing.

“It is a direct theft of my own original art work from May 2018, with no credit,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s literally my exact handwriting, message, and concept … Cake art is for everyone, but this is inexcusable.”

Cyrus quickly responded. “We saw the image online and didn’t realize it was yours. We will absolutely tag you for your work … and give you the credit for your art.” She added: “thanks for sharing your art and inspiring us.”