Cardi B Reveals She's Having A Girl


Cardi B has revealed the gender of her baby-to-be with Migos rapper Offset.

“I'm having a girl,” the rap star told Howard Stern on Wednesday.

Asked if the couple has picked out a name, she replied: “I didn’t pick the name but if you interview my dude, he’ll tell you.”

Cardi had been letting the sex slip all week. In an interview with The New York Times ahead of Monday’s Met Gala, she said: “Shorty weighs three and a half pounds. She do. She do weigh three and a half pounds. That’s pretty good for seven months, right? Because I was born five pounds.”

At the Met Gala, the 25-year-old – who revealed her pregnancy on SNL last month – was asked by ET about the baby kicking.

“Oh, she wants to fight me!,” Cardi replied.

(In a since-deleted Instagram post, Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina referred to the baby as “her.”)

Also on Stern’s show, Cardi insisted she and Offset are in no rush to tie the knot.

“I am not having a wedding pregnant,” she explained. “I want to wear my dream dress and I want to get drunk on my wedding and I want to go on a honeymoon and I want to be drunk for a whole week.

“I know for a fact though next spring we are planning our wedding. but it has to be planned at to a point where there's no worries."