Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' Has Chorus Of The Century

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” tops the list of the "100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century" published Monday — a list that also has songs by three other Canadian artists.

“I’m pretty stinking proud & happy ‘bout that,” Jepsen said in a tweet.

The list was compiled by Billboard. It ranked songs “by no other metric other than the songs that most immediately came to mind when thinking about everything that a great chorus should be — clever, catchy, singular, and utterly unforgettable.”

Jepsen wrote “Call Me Maybe” with fellow B.C. native Tavish Crowe in her Vancouver apartment. They sent the song to Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay, who urged the pair to make the pre-chorus they had written into the chorus. 

Ramsay, who went on to produce the track, shares a writing credit with Jepsen and Crowe.

The song was released in 2011 but took awhile to catch fire. It became the best-selling single of 2012 around the world and is one of the top-selling digital singles of all time. The video has been viewed on YouTube nearly 950 million times.

"It’s a gift to have a song like that,” Jepsen told Billboard.

Ontario-born Avril Lavigne has two songs on the list of the "100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century": 2007’s “Girlfriend” (No. 62) and 2002’s “Sk8er Boi” (No. 22). She was a co-writer of both.

Justin Bieber’s 2010 hit “Baby,” on which he has a writing credit along with four others, ranked No. 55.

Celine Dion’s 1999 song “That’s the Way It Is” is at No. 80 on the list. Written by Max Martin, Kristian Lundin and Andreas Carlsson, it was included on Dion’s album on All The Way… A Decade of Song.