Céline Dion Wants To Duet With Lady Gaga

Céline Dion took a moment out of her Las Vegas show on New Year's Eve to extend a warm welcome to Lady Gaga, who is kicking off her own Vegas residency at the end of 2018.

"Come on, Lady Gaga, we're waiting for ya!," the Canadian singer said from the Caesars Palace stage during a live chat with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Asked if she had any advice for Gaga, Dion – who has had a Vegas residency since 2003 – replied: "No!"

She explained: "First of all, this girl knows exactly what she's doing. She knows what to do. Add I will never, ever, ever in my whole life tell somebody professional, super talented like she is how to do things."

Cohen then suggested that Dion do a duet with Gaga.

"Oh, don't get me started now," Dion said. "I would love that. I love her so much."

During the live hit, Dion also shared her resolution for 2018.

"Like every year I'm trying to be the best of myself. You know, I wish I can change the world sometimes – I think it went through a lot of people's heart and mind this year – but you just have to make the best of every year," she said.

"I'm trying to be the best mom possible. I have three magnificent boys and I'm trying to be the best mother."