Chance The Rapper Marries Kirsten Corley

Chance the Rapper tied the knot Saturday with Kirsten Corley at an outdoor ceremony in Newport Beach, California.

The 25-year-old groom wore a white tuxedo jacket over a white shirt with black bowtie and black pants while Corley wore a strapless white gown. The ceremony at the Pelican Hill resort took place amongst hundreds of white roses.

Among the 150 or so guests at the wedding were rap star Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and comedian Dave Chappelle.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Chance and Corley were legally married on Dec. 27 in a civil ceremony.

Chance (aka Chancelor Bennett) and Corley started dating in 2013. In September 2015, the couple welcomed daughter Kensli. According to reports, they split and were embroiled in a child support dispute before reconnecting and getting engaged last July.

The rapper recently shared the story of how he was nine years old when he spotted “the prettiest girl I ever seen” lip-syncing and dancing to Destiny’s Child at his mother’s office party. Chance’s father urged him to dance with Corley but he declined.

“I knew I was gonna marry that girl,” he recalled. “And I aint wanna jump the gun.”

Chance said the time to dance with Corley was this past weekend. “I’m gonna dance with my wife because this is my destiny.”