Chance The Rapper Ranked All Of Kanye West's Albums

Who better to rank all of Kanye West's albums than one of the rappers who Yeezy himself named as "The Future," and is a fellow Chicago native? Chance The Rapper, of course.

Over the course of his career so far, Kanye has released eight studio albums. How does one possibly rank them? Complex published their list this week (Jan. 4), and after reading their opinion, Chance strongly disagreed. He wrote his reaction on Twitter saying, "How am I supposed to keep reading this after you put Late Registration 2nd to last?? *Tyra Banks' "We were all rooting for you" gif*"

But Chance didn't stop there, he posted his own ranking of all 8 Kanye albums, which goes as follows from No. 1 to No. 8: Late Registration (1), The College Dropout (2), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (3), Graduation (4), Watch The Throne (5), The Life of Pablo (6), Yeezus (7), 808s & Heartbreak (8). 

Chance has previously shared how much of an influence Kanye has been for him on social media. Back in 2011, before he even released his very first mixtape, the rapper said that 10 Day would be "[his] College Dropout." Fast-forward four years to 2015, he tweeted that The College Dropout and Late Reigstration "changed the way [he] viewed music."

Hence this adorable reaction to Kanye naming Chance in his list of artists he considered to be "The Future" while speaking on stage during the MTV VMAs last year:

Kanye is featured on Chance's third mixtape Coloring Book, released last year, on a song called "All We Got," which also features the Chicago Children's Choir. 

Do you agree with Chance's Kanye West album ranking?

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