Cheap Trick's Robin Zander Ends Broadway Run

Cheap Trick fans who want to see their favourite lead singer perform on Broadway are out of luck: Rocktopia ends its run on Sunday.

Frontman Robin Zander said he had a blast as the lead even though he remains surprised to have even be asked.

”Why me? I thought it was a joke," Zander told New York’s Q104.3, calling the gig “a great opportunity for me to do something I would never, ever do in my life."

Zander said he has a new appreciation for everything that goes into the production of a Broadway show.

He complimented the Rocktopia production team for being "giving" and patient and very unlike what he's dealt with in rock and roll over his career.

The experience, he added, was very demanding.

”Learning these songs that Robert Plant wrote—lyrically, 'Kashmir' is like a poem, it's like a book of poetry," Zander said. "I've made a few blunders but as a rock singer I've learned how to cover that up a little bit.”

Zander pointed out that hitting the notes was not an easy task.

"It's a matter of range with me. I wouldn't be able to do that every night, to be honest, on the road for three months. Those are pretty high vocals."

The show opened last month with Train frontman Pat Monahan as its lead. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider followed before Zander took over.

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio