Cole Swindell Talks About Power Of Music

Cole Swindell has returned with his third full-length studio album All of It, which follows 2016's You Should Be Here, and features 12 songs, including his hit single "Break Up In The End.”

Swindell wrote about half of the songs on the album, but said he received “some of the best songs I’ve ever heard” from other songwriters.

“That's the beauty of living in Nashville and relying on these songwriters that make a living doing that,” he said.

One of the most special songs to Swindell is the last one, “Dad's Old Number.”

He explained: “Everybody kind of knows my story from ‘You Should be Here,’ losing my dad unexpectedly, and I've heard so many ‘You Should be Here’ stories. And to know that a song like that, that really hits you, is more powerful than probably anything I've ever put out makes me want to record more songs like that,” Swindell explained. 

“We’ve still got the fun stuff, but songs like ‘Dad's Old Number,’ I know from experience listening to that song what it does to me and anybody. It doesn't have to be their dad. Anybody that's lost someone, and still has that number, and they just don't think twice sometimes and dial it up on accident.

“It's a pretty powerful feeling. And I think a lot of people are going to love this song. It's going to hit them. Songs like this are why I love country music.”

Swindell said he chose “Break Up in the End” as the lead single from All of It because he wanted to “set the tone.”

He said: “We wanted people to know that, hey, we're gonna go a little deeper on you on this album. There's gonna be more songs like ‘Break Up in the End’ on this album because I know from experience how powerful they are.”

Original article by Taylor Fields at iHeartRadio