Country Music Blazes Ahead Of All Genres For Drug References

Country music has more drug references than any other genre of music, according to a study published Friday.

Rap music has the fewest shoutouts to illicit substances.

The study found country music leads the way, followed by jazz, pop, electronic, rock, and folk.

Weed, cocaine and meth are most commonly mentioned in country music.

“It’s really amazing, I think because marijuana has become more normalized in our culture, a lot of country artists are signing about it more often than ever,” data scientist Logan Freedman told Newsweek.

Still, the study named artists like Eminem, The Game, Lil Wayne and Jay Z as the biggest users of drug references in music.

“There’s clearly some surprising new information here. We did this study to raise awareness about how drug references in music may interact with addiction, and to alert people in case they want to avoid hearing about drugs in their everyday music.”