Country Singer Morgan Wallen Reflects On 'The Way I Talk'

Morgan Wallen moved to Nashville in July 2015 to follow his dreams of a career in music, and his tremendous talent led him to being signed by Big Loud Records.

Fast forward to 2017, and the Sneedville, Tennessee born singer/songwriter released his EP and single of the same name The Way I Talk, and is now working on a full-length album while touring with Florida Georgia Line on their Dig Your Roots Tour

"We've actually written a couple of songs,” Wallen said of FGL, “and one of the songs that we've written is probably going to be on my album.”

We recently caught up with Wallen at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville where we got to learn more about him during an exclusive interview.

Wallen was actually more focused on sports at first. He played baseball — shortstop to be exact — in high school, which earned him a spot on the team at a major college. However, due to an injury in his senior year, he traded in his baseball mitt for the guitar and piano, and began turning poetry into music.

"I didn't grow up writing at all. I've always kind of had a love for poetry, but I never really put it to music,” he said.

On his musical influences and what you should know about his music:

"I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, and AC/DC, all that kind of stuff. So I like a little bit of the edginess that you can bring to country music. I really love Eric Church. He's the first person that made me love country music. I love the lyrical substance [and] deep kind of songs, so you can expect that from me."

On how he wound up recording his single "The Way I Talk”:

"I actually didn't write the song, but it's a song that kind of embodies me as a person, I feel like. My manager was actually in Australia and he sent it to me by email, and texted me like, 'Hey, what do you think about this song?' And as soon as I heard it, it was almost like I made an immediate connection with the song. And it's a lot of things that I grew up [on] and the way I was raised, and things that I love. But even though it's the things that I love, I feel like everybody can put their own things in there, and relate to it as well.”

Original article by Nicole Mastrogiannis at iHeartRadio