Did Britney Spears Clap Back At Katy Perry's Head-Shaving Remark?

Buzz around Katy Perry's politically-fused "Chained To The Rhythm" performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night wasn't the only reason that the pop star was in the headlines.

Prior to the ceremony, the singer took to the red carpet and made an insensitive remark that upset several Britney Spears fans. 

During talk about her hiatus from the music scene, Perry said that it was important for her to focus on herself. "That's called taking care of my mental health," she said, before adding: "I haven't shaved my head yet!”

Spears name was never mentioned in the interview, but considering the pop star’s 2007 highly-publicized mental breakdown (and infamous head shaving incident), which has since become a staple topic in our meme-heavy culture, all fingers point to a Britney Spears reference.

Spears took to her Instagram on Monday afternoon to repost a photo of a sunset and hands in the shape of a heart with a caption that is just as vague as Perry's viral comments. Judge for yourself. 

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio